A ranger and founding member of Dah Cribb


The devil with a heart


Abbadon Evenhart is not like other half demons. For one, she has empathy. For two, she likes hanging around with other races.

She was the result of an experiment by a mighty sorcerer, who wanted to create a new type of cambrion. He succeded and created a half demon with empathy and a sense of right and wrong. He took care of her for a few years before setting her off on her own.

She spent a few years roaming the plains of Brigada. She was neither welcomed at human cities for being half demon and at demon settlements for being good.
Taking advantage of her fearsome apperance she worked for mercenary companies. While on a job she met Ocks the bard and through him met Talia.

She, Talia, Oghren, and Wolfgar founded Dah Cribb, the most…unique merc company Brigada has ever seen.


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