Talia Tabris

A rogue, founding member of Dah Cribb and dragonslayer.


A slightly insane elf


Born to a poverty stricken family, Talia was the first of six children. As the eldest, she was responsible for taking care of her siblings while their parents worked menial jobs for menial pay. One day, while at the temple of Melora, her sisters were kidnapped and her brothers brought to the brink of death by humans and half elves. She appealed to the city guards by the humans were sons of wealthy merchants and they sponsored the guard.
After three days only one of her sisters returned. The other two had died along with her youngest brother. Her parents and remaining siblings were too traumatized to do anything. So Talia took revenge. When nightfall came she snuck into the castle the humans and half elves lived. There she both tortured them and gave them a taste of their own medicine. She killed all but two, and left those two stripped naked with a certain appendage missing in front of the City Guard. She stole whatever of value was in the castle and ran home.
She and her family escaped, to a faraway town where no one knew them. There they sold everything she stole from the castle, making her family a small fortune. With it they opened a successful inn, becoming respectful and admired members of the community.
But Talia knew the families of the ones she slew would be hunting her, so she said her goodbyes once she knew her family would be all right. Grabbing her trusty bow, she set off on her own.
She bounced around from company to company, not liking the feel of them. While working with the Falon’Din Mercenary Company she met a half demon named Abaddon. Liking Abaddon’s’ charm Talia left the Falon’Din Company to found her own with Abaddon, Oghren, and Wolfgar.
While she does enjoy working and adventuring for Dah Cribb, she can’t put her sibling’s tragedy behind her. It has slightly messed up her psyche and makes her want to inflict the same punishment on her enemies. Hopefully, the blue ring of hope she has acquired may help her with that problem. She’s sure everyone’s sick of it.

Talia Tabris

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