A monk member of Dah Cribb


A man of words, not action.

There’s not much to the fresh recruit

Buckley Johansson, was nothing more than a human-elf offspring.  Some say tragedy, others say some kind of karma effect. Buckley…. Doesn’t give a shit.  

Buckley’s parents met during a war between the brigadiers and the elghun, Elias, a deserter and Angwen, an elven scholar, found solace in an expanding farm. The two met at a most unwelcome situation and decided to abandon it all and unwisely start a family together.

It was here Buckley would come into existence.

Spending his youth exploring the surrounding caves and caverns, Buckley gathered a thirst for knowledge and adventure. Over the quickly passing years, he sustained the belief, passed down by his mother, that violence was no requirement to quench the thirst. And during many encounters the belief has proven to be true.

One day he wandered into the wrong cave, because this cave he would discover, was infested by Aragogs. It was there he had his chance to put what he believed in to the test, he persuaded the creatures to let him go. But instead of leaving, like most people would and should have, he could not negate the opportunity to learn about other living creatures. The 12 year old boy, quickly became friends, bringing it food and whatever else it needed to live. Unfortunately, both his friend and his family, would come to a demise later on, as one day, when Buckley was returning from the market, he returned to his family’s property to find the place torched and vandalized. He never got a word on why this had happened, but he didn’t spend too much time thinking about it, nor does he think about it today.

From this point on the story remains a mystery, Buckley refuses to talk about his past,  all we know is that he drifted from place to place until he somehow got word on a rather odd adventuring company, and got enough equipment to tag along. After newly testing out his abilities in a trial tunnel Buckley would sign on as Dah Cribb’s junior member.


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